Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It must be Summer.

If you were wishing summer would hurry up and get here so you could veg out on some beach or lay around all day poolside reading one of those trashy dimestore paperbacks, or take that trip to that small villa in the Italian countryside...Wish no longer. It is 93 degrees here today and yes,in my book, Summer is here! I long for summer about 300 days a year - don't you?
Those fabulous fall days of late October I am perfectly content and not doing that longing thing. And maybe a few days when Spring is new. But other than then, Yea, I'm wishing for the hot,humid,torrid, beer-drinkin, flip-flop wearin, sprinkler runnin, margaritaville days of summer. Smell it. Kinda sweaty,kinda salty, kinda baby lotionish,..... kinda hotter-n-hell. Makes me want one of those famous Cerveza Margarita's from the Junior League of Victoria's CookBook-Ropin the Flavors of Texas. For some instant Summer try this:

1 12 ounce bottle of Corona Beer
1 12 ounce can frozen Limade
1 12 ounce can lemon-lime soda (Diet Sprite)
12 ounces Tequila
margarita salt
Combine beer, limade, sprite, and tequila. Cover and refridgerate until well chilled.
Serve over ice in a salted glass. garnish with lime wedges.

You'll probably want to quadruple this unless you are drinking alone. But BEWaRe...this shit will knock you on your ass! My husband calls it my "Crying Juice", so if you're prone to crying after drinking tequila be forwarned.
Well, I just looked, out of Tequila and Corona, no wonder my eyes are red and I still have this headache from last night.
I'm off to the store.


  1. Heck Yeah I want SUMMER to hurry up! Maybe if I make one of those Cerveza Margaritas it will get here quicker!! Nice photos! dix---

  2. You mentioned all my fav foods. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the weekend, Theresa