Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Danbury Day

This is definetly a "Danbury Day".
kinda overcast,
kinda quiet,
kinda melancholy,
maybe an early morning or late afternoon sprinkle or mist.
That is what we came to call them after we had moved many miles away. We still do obviously. It was usually a Sunday that these low brow days appeared. But that's okay, we recognized them and eventually appreciated their slow-paced, low -keyed,reflective, ambience.
They sounded like "Southern Sundays"(alabama) or "You've Got A Friend" (carol king) Or"Alone Again"(gilbert o'sullivan),
and"Hello, It's Me"(t.rundgren), Ooh,ooh,Baby,Baby,(linda ronstadt). They looked like those songs sounded.
Do you remember those days in a tiny little hamlet with the humidity so thick you could cut it with a knife, the mosquitos almost the same, the air that still?
Those days, those sweet,sultry,simple days,
The life you had back then-
Or now?


  1. It's been very sultry here, minus the clouds. No clouds can be seen. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend, Theresa

  2. Thanks very much for the tip on the crafting paper, and also for stopping by to visit my blog. Come back anytime!
    Have a blessed Sunday,
    ~ Anne

  3. Well, thanks for visiting my blog, and I appreciate your input on the stepback cupboard/tv thing. Of all the responses, I do believe yours is the most sincere and honest, and the one that holds dearest to my heart. I do think I've located another piece for the tv, and I'll try to sell the cupboard, which will be for much less than I paid back in the day...but whata ya gonna do? Thanks again...I really appreciate your input!